YB3x AOC Available to order

Add-On Card expansion to YB3x

MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2020.Apr.03 – Heptagon Systems is proud to announce the availability of the YB3x AOC option.

The YB3x, Intel® Atom® C3000 based, is a 1U compact fanless industrial server / network appliance.
The AOC option, adds an 8-lane PCIe 3.0 slot. It can host a full height add-on card and will greatly expand the YB3x existing functionality.
Any YB3x model can have the AOC option.

About Heptagon Systems

Heptagon System’s, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia develops high-end embedded servers and networking solution for harsh environments. The company was established by veterans with many years of experience in the design of embedded PC. Heptagon Systems’ products can be used in a variety of industries and applications, such as IOT, MEC, Edge/Fog servers, mid-Storage servers, medical instrumentation, transportation, and industrial automation.
Media Contact: info@heptagonsystems.com