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HeptagonSystems is a manufacturer of …

Heptagon Systems is a manufacturer of Embedded computer systems for harsh environments, Edge computing and IoT

-40°C to +72°C
Contact us for even harsher conditions..
Tested and qualified
Shock & Vibration, EMC, Safety
Design for customization
Searching for a square egg?
Deep Learning / AI inferencing…

Deep learning / AI inferencing the easy way with Heptagon Systems HQ-Box2 Storage-M

* Up to 7x AI M.2 modules for unprecedented AI compute power
* Mix and match SSD array and AI modules for real-time AI inferencing and storage

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Latest News

HQ-Box2 Edge server BIOS Rev 4539.5301 released
MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2024.MAR.21 Heptagon Systems HQ-Box2 is a series of rugged edge servers in a state-of-the-art compact Box-PC enclosure. Based on the Intel® Xeon® D-1700 / Xeon D-1800 LCC SOC, 4..10-core, the HQ-Box2 offers up to 384GB DDR4-ECC memory and an integrated 1/10/25Gb Ethernet controller with up to 8 ports. The HQ-Box2 BIOS rev… Read…
YB3x edge appliance BIOS Rev 5221.4607 released
MELBOURNE, Vic. Australia, 2024.MAR.07 The YB3x is a series of rugged, fanless edge computers designed for IoT, CPE, SD-WAN, virtualization and networking appliance in challenging environments. YB3x BIOS rev 5221.4607 has been released and is available for download in the Support/Downloads section.
HQ-Box2 Storage-M supports 7x HAILO-8M AI modules
MELBOURNE, VIC. AUSTRALIA  2023. DEC 7 – Heptagon Systems partners with Hailo to bring Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning inference to the edge. The customizable powerful and rugged low power server HQ-Box2 Storage-M is now available with up to 7x Hailo-8 M.2 accelerators providing engineers with everything they need to dramatically reduce time to market… Read…