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HQ-Box series

Heptagon Systems HQ-Box is a series of rugged fanless servers in a state-of-the-art compact Box-PC enclosure.
Designed with flexibility and customization in mind, the HQ-Box offers 7 initial configurations to accommodate for a variety of use cases. Additional custom-configured modifications can be easily created with a short turnaround time.
Based on the Intel® Xeon® D-1500 SOC, 4-16-core processor, 128GB DDR4-ECC memory, and integrated dual 10Gb Ethernet, the HQ-Box creates a whole new performance level for embedded computing.

  • Intel® Xeon® D-1500 CPU, 4-16 cores, 35-65W
  • Up to 128GB DRAM
  • 3x M.2 SSD slots
  • Dual 10G SFP+, Dual 1GbE
  • Fanless cooling
  • Maintenance free
  • -30°C..+72°C operating temperature range
  • Aspeed AST2400 BMC (board management controller)
  • Plenty of storage and PCIe slot configuration options

HQ-Box model selection

ModelU.2 *
2.5” bay
M.2 SSD**PCIe slotsPCIe slot
GbE10G SFP+BMCEnclosure***
2X032x8 + x822YesFull
3X033x8 + x4 +x422YesFull
Bare03 022YesSlim
* U.2 Drive bay accepts either SATA or PCIe 4x drives
** SSD: 2x NVMe 4x PCIe, 1x SATA, all 2280 or 22110
*** Enclosure WxDxH
Slim enclosure: 99x195x200mm
Full enclosure: 154x195x200mm

Available models

HQ-Box Combo

Combines Dual U.2 bay and PCIe Add-on card slot

  • Dual U.2, 2.5″ disk, NVMe / SATA bay
  • 1x PCIe 3.0 x8, FHHL AOC slot

HQ-Box 1F

16-lane PCIe Add-on card slot

  • 1x PCIe 3.0, 16x slot
  • Full-Height Add-on, up to 70W

HQ-Box Storage/2

Dual U.2 bay for 2.5″ drives

  • 2x U.2 bays for 2.5″ drives
  • Either SATA or PCIe x4

HQ-Box 2X

Dual 8-lane PCIe 3.0 slots

  • 2 slots of PCIe 3.0 x8
  • Full-height Add-on cards, up to 70W total

HQ-Box Bare

Rugged compact server

  • Slim 99x195x200mm enclosure

HQ-Box 3X

Trio of PCIe slots for maximum flexibility

  • 1x PCIe 3.0, x8 slot and a Dual PCIe 3.0, x4 slot
  • Full-height Add-on cards, up to 70W total

HQ-Box Storage

4 U.2 bay for 2.5″ disks

  • Quad U.2 bay for 2.5″ drives (either SATA or NVMe)
  • Supports 7 to 17mm thick drives