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HQ-Box2 Storage-M supports 7x HAILO-8M AI modules

MELBOURNE, VIC. AUSTRALIA  2023. DEC 7 – Heptagon Systems partners with Hailo to bring Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning inference to the edge. The customizable powerful and rugged low power server HQ-Box2 Storage-M is now available with up to 7x Hailo-8 M.2 accelerators providing engineers with everything they need to dramatically reduce time to market for new projects and products capable of powerful AI inference at the edge.

Powered by Intel® Xeon D-1700 LCC, 4-10 Cores the HQ-Box2 Storage-M features a total of 7x M.2 NVMe interfaces with 4 PCIe lanes Each (4x PCIe Gen4 + 3x PCIe Gen3) and 3x DDR4-ECC channels for up to 384GB memory capacity. The HQ-Box2 Storage-M also supports up to 8x SFP+ with up to 100Gb Ethernet throughput for speed, security, reliability and data quality to support a wide array of applications. For unparalleled performance even in the harshest environments, the HQ-Box2 Storage-M has a unique fanless design with a specialized heatsink for uninterrupted uptime for mission critical performance in wide -40°C ~ 72°C operating temperatures.

The HQ-Box2 series is used in a wide range of applications from Network and 5G Edge, Autonomous driving, security, manufacturing, communication and many other applications allowing ‘mix and match’ features for a wide array of AI and Deep Learning applications in harsh environments.

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